jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Nirvana - Bleach (Deluxe Edition) 2CDs - 2009

Primer trabajo de estudio de esta emblematica banda de inicios de los 90`s , en esta su edicion deluxe donde los temas de "Bleach" han sido remasterizados e incluye un bonus cd en vivo para todos los fans de la banda Nirvana..
CD 1
1. Blew
2. Floyd the Barber
3. About a Girl
4. School
5. Love Buzz
6. Paper Cuts
7. Negative Creep
8. Scoff
9. Swap Meet
10. Mr. Moustache
11. Sifting
12. Big Cheese
13. Downer
CD 2
14. Intro (live)
15. School (live)
16. Floyd the Barber (live)
17. Dive (live)
18. Love Buzz (live)
19. Spank Thru (live)
20. Molly’s Lips (live)
21. Sappy (live)
22. Scoff (live)
23. About a Girl (live)
24. Been a Son (live)
25. Blew (live)
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lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

Pet Shop Boys en Lima !!!

Tras su llegada el pasado domingo el duo ingles ofrecera un unico concierto el 20 de Octubre en Lima - Perú a continuacioón pondre el comentario que publicaron en su pagina oficial sobre su visita en nuestro pais...

Pet Shop Boys arrived in Lima, Peru, last night to appear on TV ahead of their concert here on Tuesday. After an enthusiastic greeting from fans at the airport, they were driven straight to the TV studios to appear live on "El Show de los Sueños" where they were interview by host Gisela Valcárcel and performed two songs, "Love etc." and "Always on my mind". Tuesday's concert will be at The Jockey Club in Lima. This leg of Pet Shop Boys' "Pandemonium" tour began in Montreal on August 29th and has taken them through Canada, the USA, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and now Peru. The third leg of the tour begins in Athens on November 20th, and visits Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and the UK before ending in London at the O2 Arena on December 21st. Full venue and ticket details can be found in the TOUR section on this site.

Y aqui les dejo con unas compilaciones para ir preparando el ambiente para el concierto de mañana

Pet Shop Boys The Hits:
CD Nº 1
01.- Go west
02.- Suburbia
03.- Se a vida è (That’s the way life is)
04.- What have i done to deserve this
05.- Always on my mind
06.- I wouldn’t normally do this kina of thing
07.- Home and dry
08.- Heart
09.- Miracles
10.- Loves come quickly
11.- It’s a sin
12.- Domino dancing
13.- Before
14.- New Cork city boy
15.- It’s alright
16.- Where the streets have no name (I can’t take my eyes of you)
17.- A red setter day

CD Nº 2
01.- Left to my own devices
02.- I don’t know what you want but i can’t give it any more
03.- Flamboyant
04.- Being boring
05.- Can you forgive her
06.- West end girls
07.- I get along
08.- So hard
09.- Rent
10.- Jealousy
11.- DJ Culture
12.- You only tell me you love me when your’e drunk
13.- Liberation
14.- Paninaro ‘95
15.- Opportunities (Let’s make a lot of money)
16.- Yesterday, when i was mad
17.- Single / Bilingual
18.- Somewhere
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Bilingual Special Edition
01.- Somewhere (Extended mix)
02.- A red letter day (Troser autoerotic decapitation mix)
03.- To step aside (Brutal hill mix)
04.- Befote (Classic paradise mix)
05.- The boy who couldn’t keep his clothes on (Internacional club mix)
06.- Se a vida è (Pink noise mix)
07.- Discoteca (Trouser entusiast stellar empire mix)

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domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Depeche Mode en Lima!!!!

Este post especial es por la llegada de una de las bandas mas esperadas este año en Lima, me refiero a Depeche Mode, ya se encuentran en Lima-Perú y todos los fans estamos muy emocionados por el concierto del proximo martes y para continuar con la fiebre de su llegada les dejo con esta edicion especial de su nuevo trabajo en 4 discos....

CD 1 (Sounds Of The Universe)
1. In Chains
2. Hole To Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away/The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

CD 2 (Bonus Tracks/Remixes)
1. Light (Bonus Track)
2. The Sun And The Moon And The Stars (Bonus Track)
3. Ghost (Bonus Track)
4. Esque (Bonus Track)
5. Oh Well (Bonus Track)
6. Corrupt (Efdemin Remix)
7. In Chains (Minilogue's Earth Remix)
8. Little Soul (Thomas Fehlmann Ambient Mix)
9. Jezebel (Sixtoes Remix)
10. Perfect (Electronic Periodic Dark Drone Mix)
11. Wrong (Caspa Remix)

CD 3 (Demos)
1. Little 15 (Demo)
2. Clean (Demo)
3. Sweetest Perfection (Demo)
4. Walking In My Shoes (Demo)
5. I Feel You (Demo)
6. Judas (Demo)
7. Surrender (Demo)
8. Only When I Lose Myself (Demo)
9. Nothing's Impossible (Demo)
10. Corrupt (Demo)
11. Peace (Demo)
12. Jezebel (Demo)
13. Come Back (Demo)
14. In Chains (Demo)

DVD Bonus (Studio Sessions)
1. Corrupt
2. Little Soul
3. Stories Of Old
4. Come Back

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lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Curt Smith - Aeroplane - 1999

Tercer trabajo de Curt Smith (tras dejar Tears For Fears en 1991) con este album lanzado en 1999 hace dos nuevas versiones de las miticas canciones de TFF que servirian como guiño a Roland Orzabal para asi trabajar en lo que vendria ser el nuevo trabajo de Tears For Fears que se lanzo en el año 2004

01 Aeroplane
02 What Are We Fighting For?
03 Sorry Town
04 Jasmine
05 Reach Out
06 Pale Shelter
07 Trees
08 Where Do I Go
09 Mother England
10 Snow Hill
11 I Don't Want To Be Around
12 Sun King
13 Gone Again
14 Everybody Wants To Rule The World(Live Acoustic)

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Coldplay - Viva La Vida (The Ultimate Edition) 2009

El mas recientre trabajo de Coldplay en estudio pero ahora en su version doble para todos sus fans!!

01.Life in Technicolor (Hopkins)
02. Cemeteries Of London
03. Lost!
04. 42
05. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love
06. Yes
07. Viva la Vida
08. Violet Hill
09. Strawberry Swing
10. Death & All His Friends

11. Lost? (Acoustic Version)
12. Lovers In Japan (Acoustic Version)
13. The Escapist [Hidden Track]
14. Life in Technicolor II
15. Postcards From Far Away
16. Glass Of Water
17. Rainy Day
18. Lost+ (Jay-Z Remix)
19. Prospekt’s March - Poppy Fields
20. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
21. Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground

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Air - Love 2 - 2009

Nuevo trabajo de este gran grupo europeo, disfrutenlo:

01.Do The Joy
03.So Light Is Her Footfall
04.Be A Bee
05.Missing The Light Of The Day
06.Tropical Disease
07.Heaven's Light
08.Night Hunter
09.Sing Sang Sung
10.Eat My Beat
11.You Can Tell It To Everybody
12.African Velvet

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Coldplay - Parachutes

Prime trabajo de estudio de esta gran banda, tras lanzar varios singles antes de este album que los hizo conocidos en todo el mundo sin mas palabras de elogio... dejo que lo disfruten!!!

Track Listing
01 Don't Panic
02 Shiver
03 Spies
04 Sparks
05 Yellow
06 Trouble
07 Parachutes
08 High Speed
09 We Never Change
10 Everything's Not Lost

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The Doors - Legacy

Excelente compilación de esta estupenda banda de los 60`s ...

1. Break on Through (To the Other Side)
2. Back Door Man
3. Light My Fire
4. Twentieth Century Fox
5. Crystal Ship
6. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
7. Soul Kitchen
8. End
9. Love Me Two Times
10. People Are Strange

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domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

Placebo - Ashtray Heart 2009

Aqui les comparto esta novedad de esta gran banda Placebo....

01 - Ashtray Heart
02 - Fuck U
03 - Hardly Wait
04 - For What It’s Worth (Losers Maximal Techmix)

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jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Michael Jackson - Rarities 2009

Simplemente imperdible para todos sus fans....disfrutenlo!!

01. Beautiful Girl (Demo)
02. Cheater (Demo)
03. Didn t Mean To Hurt You
04. Ease On Down The Road
05. Fall Again (Demo)
06. For All Time
07. Give In To Me
08. If You Don t Love Me
09. In The Back
10. Lovely One
11. Monkey Business
12. On The Line
13. One More Chance
14. Satisfy You
15. Say Say Say
16. Scared Of The Moon (Demo)
17. Shout
18. Somebody s Watching Me
19. Someone Put Your Hand Out
20. Speed Demon
21. State Of Shock
22. State Of Shock (Ft. Mick Jagger)
23. Stranger In Moscow
24. Streetwalker
25. Sunset Driver (Demo)
26. Tease Me
27. The Way You Love Me
28. This Place Hotel
29. This Time Around
30. Trouble
31. We Are Here To Change The World
32. We Are The World (Demo)
33. We ve Had Enough
34. What More Can I Give
35. What Will It Take
36. Why
37. Workin Day And Night (Demo From 1978)
38. Xscape
39. You Can t Win

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