miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Tears For Fears - Elemental CD & Video Interview (1993)

Cumpliendo con los solicitado, esta vez les compartire el Cd Elemental Interview, un disco que salio en paralelo al album del mismo nombre donde incluye una entrevista realizada a Roland Orzabal contandonos la creación del disco además como un plus les comparto el video de la realización del disco Elemental, que lo disfruten!!

Elemental CD Interview:

Elemental Promo Video:

Bonus Cold Video:

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martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

A-ha - Ending On A High Note (The Final Concert) - 2011

Tras una exitosa carrera musical, el grupo A-ha se despide con este ultimo disco en vivo que compila sus temas clasicos mas los temas de sus ultimos trabajos en estos 25 años y el tema de su ultimo compilatorio oficial, en el transcurso de la semana les subire el dvd de este show, que lo disfruten.

Track List:


01. A-Ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV
02. A-Ha – Move To Memphis
03. A-Ha – The Blood That Moves The Body
04. A-Ha – Scoundrel Days
05. A-Ha – The Swing Of Things
06. A-Ha – Forever Not Yours
07. A-Ha – Stay On These Roads
08. A-Ha – Manhattan Skyline
09. A-Ha – Hunting High And Low
10. A-Ha – We`re Looking For The Whales


01. A-Ha – Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)- Nuevo tema
02. A-Ha – Crying In The Rain
03. A-Ha – Minor Earth, Major Sky
04. A-Ha – Summer Moved On
05. A-Ha – I`ve Been Losing You
06. A-Ha – Foot Of The Mountain
07. A-Ha – Cry Wolf
08. A-Ha – Analogue
09. A-Ha – The Living Daylights
10. A-Ha – Take On Me

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lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

The Who - Sings My Generation (1965)

Disco imperdible de The Who, me lo solicitaron hace poco via mail y aqui lo comparto, disfrutenlo...


01. Out in the Street
02. I Don't Mind
03. The Good's Gone
04. La La La Lies
05. Much Too Much
06. My Generation
07. The Kids Are Alright
08. Please, Please, Please
09. It's Not True
10. The Ox
11. A Legal Matter
12. Instant Party (Circles)

Pete Townshend (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Roger Daltrey (harmonica, vocals)
John Entwistle (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Nicky Hopkins (keyboards)
Keith Moon (drums, vocals)

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Sting - B-Sides and Rarities - 2 CD's (2008)

Colecion de canciones de rarezas y lados B de Sting, simplemente imperdible....

Track List:

CD 1

01. Every Breath You Take (theme from Peter Gunn - Mr. Ruggerio's remix) [0:02:32.45]
02. Seventh Son (with Jools Holland) [0:03:06.41]
03. Love Sneakin' Up On You (feat. Joss Stone - from the album Les Paul & Friends) [0:03:27.42]
04. Fragile (with Julio Iglesias) [0:04:26.06]
05. All For Love (with Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams) [0:04:42.02]
06. My Funny Friend And Me (from the motion picture "Emperor's New Groove") [0:04:38.06]
07. Beneath A Desert Moon (from the "You Still Touch Me" maxi-single) [0:04:29.49]
08. The Mighty (from the motion picture "The Mighty") [0:03:52.06]
09. End Of The Game (from the "Brand New Day" maxi-single) [0:06:39.04]
10. Another Pyramid (from the musical "Aida") [0:03:51.38]
11. Invisible Sun (feat. Aswad - from the motion picture "The X-Files") [0:04:11.31]
12. The Bed's Too Big Without You (from the "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" maxi-single) [0:06:07.66]
13. One Day She'll Love Me (from the motion picture "Emperor's New Groove") [0:04:12.34]
14. Tempted (live - previously unreleased) [0:04:44.71]
15. Ain't No Sunshine (live acoustic - previously unreleased) [0:05:08.01]
16. Need Your Love So Bad (previously unreleased, recorded live during the MTV unplugged rehearsal sessions) [0:03:41.18]
17. Gabriel's Message (from the compilation "A Very Special Christmas") [0:02:14.10]
18. Shallow Brown From Rogue's Gallery ("Pirate Ballads, Sea Song & Chanteys") [0:02:31.18]
19. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains ("Songs From The Labyrinth") [0:02:40.63]
20. The Lowest Trees Have Tops ("Songs From The Labyrinth") [0:02:16.23]

CD 2

01. Windmills of Your Mind From The Motion Picture -The Thomas Crown Affair- [0:04:21.03]
02. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life. -Chris Botti Sting [0:05:07.26]
03. Moonlight From The Motion Picture -Sabrina- [0:05:25.54]
04. My One and Only Love From The Motion Picture -Leaving Las Vegas- [0:03:37.56]
05. Until From The Motion Picture -Kate & Leopold- [0:03:11.01]
06. Lullaby to an Anxious Child From The -You Still Touch Me- Maxi Single [0:01:58.67]
07. I'll Follow My Secret Heart From The Compilation -Twentieth-Century Blues- [0:02:37.01]
08. It's a Lonesome Old Town From The Motion Picture -Leaving Las Vegas- [0:02:38.46]
09. Someone to Watch over Me (live) From The Compilation -Grammy's Greatest Moments Vol.4- [0:04:25.08]
10. Nice Work if You Can Get It From The Compilation -The Glory Of Gershwin- [0:03:03.32]
11. The Ballad of Mack the Knife From The Compilation -Lost In The Stars- A Tribute Of Kurt Weil- [0:02:50.29]
12. Sister Moon From The Album Herbie Hancock - Possibilities-] [0:06:56.30]
13. How Insensitive Previously Unreleased. Recorded Live During The -MTV Unplugged- Rehearsal Sessions [0:01:47.62]
14. Come Down in Time From The Compilation -Two Rooms- [0:03:48.06]
15. Angel Eyes From The Motion Picture -Leaving Las Vegas- [0:04:01.11]
16. You Were Meant for Me From The Motion Picture -The Object Of My Affection- [0:04:16.17]
17. I Saw Three Ships From The Compilation -A Very Special Christmas 3- [0:01:46.57]
18. Sisters of Mercy From The Compilation -Tower Of Song- [0:03:24.46]
19. Fine Knacks for Ladies - Songs from the Labyrinth [0:01:52.43]
20. Blood Red Roses From Rogue's Gallery ( Pirate Ballads,Sea Song & Chanteys) [0:02:46.50]
21. Waters of Tyne From The Compilation -Carnival!- [0:03:20.57]
22. Ne Me Quittes Pas (live) From The -Shape Of My Heart- Maxi Single [0:03:35.13]
23. Can She Excuse My Wrongs - Songs from the Labyrinth [0:02:35.55]

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Nirvana - The Curio Box (2010)

Compilatorio de shows en vivo realizado desde los años 1991 hasta 1994 imperdible para todos los fans de Nirvana...

Track List:

01 - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Early version, Ok Hotel, Seattle, 04.17.91)
02 - Even in His Youth (The Garage, Denver, 10.11.89)
03 - Pay To Play (Stiff Drinks - Duffy's Bar, Lincoln, NE, 05.14.90)
04 - White Lace And Strange (KAOS tape, 04.17.87)
05 - Love Buzz (D.Grohl's 1st.Show, North Shore Surf Club, Olympia,Washington, 10.11.90)
06 - Immigrant Song (Hoquiam, WA, 12.21.88)
07 - Beeswax (Live in Argentina, 30.10.92)
08 - Lithium (Evergreen State College Studios, 20.03.90)
09 - Big Cheese (Rhino rec.,L.A., 06.23.89)
10 - Mr.Moustache (Rehearsal at Krist Mom's House, Aberdeen,Washington, '88)
11 - Sappy (Bogart's, Long Beach,California, 02.16.90)
12 - Money Will Roll Right In (Reading Festival'92)
13 - Drain You (Canal+ Studio (Nulle Part Ailleurs),Paris, France, 02.04.94)
14 - Seasons in the Sun (Kurt-drums, Dave-bass, Krist-guitar, BMG Studio, Rio,Brazil, 01.93)
15 - School+Demolition (Motor Sports International Garage, Seattle, 09.22.90)
16 - Bonus Track - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Flea-horn, Rock in Rio, 01.23.93 )

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